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“One of the things that I am really sensitive about because I am one of the ones that they call the orphans… my heritage is Lakota but I was raised in the white culture, and I have to be really conscious about the place I come from in white privilege. I wasn’t raised on the reservation. I have never been beaten by a man. I have never seen my children struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction. I have never had my best friend kill themselves. I have never seen such poverty that I didn’t see a way out. I always have access to healthy food. So, I come from a very different world view than some of my brothers and sisters that were raised on reservations and in poverty. The majority of Natives now, actually a good portion of them, are urban. So they may not have that same worldview, but there is a certain genetic, historical trauma that gets passed on from generation to generation.

This is the first time we have come together as a people… So when we come to a place here and we are offering advice on well being, people are really sensitive about… coming in and saying ‘you should do this, you should stop eating sugar, you should stop doing this’…

It is so important to have supporters from all nations and walks of life. As Indigenous people we are coming together for the first time united to protect the earth and water. ”

Daphne Singing Tree


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